Sunday, September 06, 2009

Hunting Party

Yesterday I was a part of the party. We road CX bikes over hill and dale, got lots of flats, watched Vernor Break his thumb, wore spandex and a t-shirt and got sweaty. It was awesome. Doing CX ralleys is probably one of my favorite new things to do. I also went to a cook out at an off the grid house up in the SC mountains. We watched the sunset over one porch, then walked over to the other and watched the moon rise. Full moon at that. Then we had a candle light dinner and then a Micheal Jackson dance party. The we felt our way back out into civilazation in the dark and went to bed. I am working on selling many things out of my house, and hope to slowly end up with emptyness, so that when it is time to move I can just get in my car and drive away with lots (or maybe no) cash in my pocket and no more gnarly college couches or ssaggy beds in my life. Also a whole lot fewer pairs of shoes.I have a very boring life at the moment, so that is all I have to share with the world. I have been working on my next mix tape, and that is about all.

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OrchardsAthleticClub said...

The man who has nothing, wants nothing.