Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hello and welcome to September.
CX Season officially unofficially gets underway this weekend with the very exclusive top secret Hunting Party CX Rally in the SC mountains. There will be mountain lions, cougars, cats, fire, smoke, ice, bikinis and stop watches.
The CX season officially gets under way the 19th with Starrcross and the Rad Racing GP in Seattle, closely followed by Cross Vegas and the first round of the GP series in Wisconsin.
Then Sarah officially finishes with her exit seminar Monday the 28th at 10 am.
Moving Season officially starts on Sept. 29th
Oregon redux V2.0 then commences, and will last until Jan 1, when we turn into Whole Foods shopping, apartment living, small dog owning yuppies in Evanston, IL as Sarah starts work at Northwestern University.
Powertap training will also commence at an undisclosed point in the near future.
Did you ever in your childhood embark on an ill-conceived adventure led by a optimistic authority figure?
The two families I saw on Mackenzie River Trail this weekend did.
When we first saw the group of moms, dads and 12-15 year old children we were nearing the top of the trail. It struck me as odd that such a group would attempt to ride the 26 mile route, even if just going the easy way.
After eating cheese burgers at the lodge and being lazy for an hour, we headed back down. We caught up to the family group at about the midway point on the way down. They asked where the trail went. We told them. They said "good, that's where we are headed." It took us about an hour to get back to the trail head, going at a rather brisk pace. Then we packed up and went home. They had been out for about 6 hours, were half way done, riding crappers and assuredly bonked. They still had another 6 hours to go. I bet those kids hate riding bikes now, or got eaten by a cougar when it got dark and they were still 10 miles from home free.
Kind of reminds me of the time the Penningtons went on a week long canoe trip in Alaska, and forgot the bag that had all their food in it. They had to catch fish and only got 5 Ritz crackers and a slice of cheese for lunch. All while paddling 15-20 miles a day. They were all under 10.
No wonder they are so legendary.



Anonymous said...

penningtons = hc
family =fucked
evanston = rad
sarah = party
cyclocross = killer

Ben said...

If you need anything as you move to Chicago, let me know. I can lend a hand if you need it. benpopper [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

Chris said...

Looking forward to having you in the 'hood. Not all Evanstonians have lap dogs, although most of us are yuppies.

I'll second Ben's offer -- scstrout [at] yahoo.com. We've got a good contingent of 'cross fanatics out of the Pony Shop, I'm sure we can get you all moved in.

Busto said...

That does explain the PEnningtons!