Thursday, August 20, 2009

Todays thoughts

Today I heard the high pitched roar of a diesel motor winding up directly behind me and thought that would be an annoying thing to hear right before dying.

The beach smelled like campfires and sun block today. I wonder if fire fighters get tired of the smell of burning wood, or if they are connoisseurs of the subtle hints specific wood gives of as it smolders away. I think it would get annoying smelling like smoke all the time. When I go camping and wake up after a night spent by the camp fire the smell in my sleeping bag reminds me of a butcher shop and beef jerky, only made from humans. Then I run to the shower.

I wonder if all construction crews have a truck that has an orange water cooler with a red top strapped to the side of it.

I seem to attract solicitations from environmental and social activists stationed outside stores more than my fare share of the time. Maybe they can see deep into my soul and know I am a kindred spirit, or maybe I just look like a sucker.


Anonymous said...

Barry do you have any races coming up before Cross-Vegas?
Neil in Corvallis

Barry said...

s and the Rad Racing GP on Sept 19th and 20th in the Seattle area