Thursday, September 10, 2009

For Realz

I went and popped my proverbial cherry at the DFL race last night up in Golden Gate Park. My race number was "Sven Nys Suck My Balls". Although that is not an actual number, it did allow the race "officials" to pick me out of the crowd when I went through the start finish. I think I only ran over 5 or 6 dog walkers out there, so it was a success. Those DFL fools are hilarious. I think all races should have promoters insulting their entrants at every possable point. That way no one takes it too seriously and we can all just get on with it. It did get a bit confusing by the end of the night when I was all tired from peddaling so hard and stuff and I couldnt determine if that hot chick I just passed wearing a pink tu tu was actually a chick or just a really good looking dude. Most likley it was the latter. I watched one guy crash into a fire hydrant, which was scary and saw lots of sweet short cuts that I maybe took later on in the race. We ran like 1/2 a mile to our bikes, of which mine was misteriously missplaced from where I thought I had left it and then I had to ride fast in the dust to catch back up and then to top it all off I won the stupid thing. It was probably the coolest time ever. If you are in SFO and want to do a DFL race, good luck finding one. I had to kidnap a local and torture him with PB&J sanwiches to find out where it was.
Also, today I saw a dude out riding sans helmet. That shit is messed up. You have to either be high or retared to be rolling that style. No, you dont look "euro", and yes, your brain will soon be smashed. Douche Bag.