Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It has begun. I have been traveling like a manic as of recent. First off it was up to Seattle, which looked like this.
Who new Seattle had a sandy beach and sunshine? Well, this guy did.Spencer was gracious enough to pick me up from the airport, go back to the office, catch a call from the boss, then take me out on Spencers Super Secret Seattle bike ride and dinner tour. The next day we went shopping in Fremont at the Vintage Mall and I picked up a few choice items for the CX season.After a beautiful day in Seattle, we headed out to Redmond for Starrcross. It started raining, just to give us a taste of what CX is really like, and so I proceeded to crash my brains out for an hour and finish well back in the group. Sunday was much better weather, but we had to contend with the "Knapp Time" run up, and that sucked.
Now I am hanging out in Las Vegas, signing autographs, getting a tan and slowly having my soul sucked out. After that, it will be off to Wisconsin for the GP's then rocking back to Santa Cruz for Sarahs thesis defense, then packing the house and moving back to Oregon. That is a busy week!
Now it is time to put the legs up, take off my pants and watch TV.



Anonymous said...

Nice ninth place finish at the Vegas cross race!

Anonymous said...

Mister Wicks,

I haven't talked with anyone else at the shop yet about your move to Evanston--just stumbled across the blog tonight--but am pretty darn sure that everyone at Turin will be superhappy you're in our hood, and will welcome you with open arms, &c. Evanston's a grim scene, in some ways, but Turin (okay, and Pony Shop) are both islands of, um, lessuptightness. Come on by and say hi, man, or drop an email if you'd like. justin at turinbicycle dot com.