Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet Nectar

Just got a fresh batch of black gold from De La Paz. Gotta love that. This is what it looks like after I have my way with it:
As you may have noticed, I have made a few changes to the old Blog. All credit can to to Mr. Vernor. He can use a computer real pretty, and I almost remember everything he showed me.
I have also been working on my new mix tape, which will be ready and distributed in Vegas. Powers better watch himself. This one is off the heazy for sheazy, or whatever he would say.

I have also been working quite a bit at the winery, doing the punch down and stirring the pot. Oh yeah. That looks like this:
Yummy! We have been fermenting in old barrels to add a bit of flavor flave to the reds, and it has been going well. Except when I have to pull the heads off the old barrels to do it. That is hard.

That's all I have got right now, but blogging is easy with photos and links, so check back soon to see what else I have in store for you!

Nasty out


Anonymous said...

Is that your "rocky" and "miss sylvia" ? Knoble and I have the same set up! No stumpy's?


Barry said...

stump town is for pretentious portlanders. i cant drink that stuff until i am up there in a few weeks. gotta rock the local goods down here. keep it real!

Anonymous said...

CO2 heaven