Sunday, October 04, 2009

Back to the OG

Today I am traveling back in time to the local of my first ever cyclocross race. Alpenrose dairy in Portland Oregon has defined what cyclocross is to me, and I am pumped to be headed back there to race once more. Especially now the the Crosscrusade has become such an institution.
As is self evident, I made the final journey from Santa Cruz back up to the homeland. In the process, Sarah earned her Phd, so that is Dr. Sarah to you, I hauled a lot of stuff to the dump, and I became an expert at driving a trailer behind a giant truck, which was a new experiance for me.
Once we reached Myrtle Point, we quickly got down to business integrating our selves with the locals:
Yeah, the Myrtle Point Bobcats took on the Bandon Tigers, a veritable feline frenzy, and counter to nature, the Bobcats came out victorious.
Last night I drove up to Corvallis to see my mom and was treated to this wonderous sceen in route:
Yes, that is a complete double full arc rainbow, so now I should have enough lucky charms to get me through the season unscathed. Now it is time to load up the rain gear and head north for my battle with destiny and history at Alpenrose Dairy.


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