Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Porsche Museum

Today Dusty dragged us over to Stuttgart to see the freshly built Porsche museum. it was totally awesome. There were cars from every era of Porsches history, race cars, prototypes and the progression from 356 Speedsters all the way through the 911 Carerra road cars and everything in between. The one that I really wanted though was the 1976 914/8 of which only two were made and is just a regular 914 (which is basically like a super awesome beetle) but with a 300hp V8 in it. Kick Ass! Anyways, after all that madness we drove back through traffic to our hotel and went for a bike ride. Tomorrow we depart for Belgium for the next world cup and then finally head back home for some training before the next rounds of the US Cup.

If anyone has any spare Porsches laying around, let me know and I will be glad to take them off your hands.



Anonymous said...

question? what is it about old men lifting their legs very high to tie shoes, to rest on a stool ect. regardless of their pant/short attire?

Anonymous said...

If you like kick ass cars, next time you are in Boulder check out the Shelby Museum