Friday, May 01, 2009


It is pretty crazy here. Tonight we were driving back to our hotel and there were people out night riding on the course. You know you are in Belgium when they have a bike race and the entire country shows up to watch. We got in Wednesday and it was pouring rain. Now though, it is sunny and nice and is supposed to stay that way for the weekend. I am a bit bummed, because the course here is fairly technical/intimidating if you are form Europe and dont know how to do anything besides pedal your bike really hard but not steer or go down hills with roots and or rocks on them, and a good solid drenching would leave all those guys who I passed today on the course standing at every tech section looking scared SOL and available for easy passing. Anyways, it is a fun track and relativley long for a WC so I am hopeful that I can pass many more guys and not get pulled as soon this weekend. 300 people is alot to stuff into a 7km loop though so we will see what transpires. Other than that, we have been living it up, eating dinner at the Luna house and Maxxis house the last three nights has been awesome and now only one more day to anihilate before we go race our brains out, then get to go back home! I can hardly wait.