Monday, April 27, 2009

Offenburg WC

At least my legs felt good yesterday. Starting a World Cup MTB race with good sensations in the legs is awesome. Starting said race in 112th place is not. My plan for the day was to get on the gas early and try to get past at least 50 people and get my self up in to the top 60, thus slowly easing my way up the start grid to a more respectable and manageable staring position, Things seemed to be going well. After the first lab chaos things settled down and every time the course opened up I would hit the gas and go rocketing past about 10 people. I counted off the people went by and by the end of the third lab had gotten around about 30 dudes. Then I made the fatal mistake of looking at the timing board coming across the line staring my 4th lab and saw I was still in 120th! I guess that bad start really did kill me in the end. By the time I rode the next two laps I had moved up to 108th, but was then pulled as the leaders were rapidly closing in from behind. In the end I has passed my quota of riders, but some how at the start enough had slipped passed my that by the end of lap one I had fallen back to 152nd. That makes for as pretty tall task when trying to get into the top 60. I guess I can take away the positives of having good form at a World Cup even though it was imposable to know from my result that that was the case. I can hardly wait for next week in Houffalize, Belgium. There will be 300 of my best friends lined up at that one and I bet I can pass a lot of them over the course of the race. Lets just hope I don’t get gang raped at the start like I did this week.