Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hitting the fan

That's what is about to start happening in approx 24 hrs. We went out to the course again today and it was jam packed with Euros riding by in the big ring trying to look like they weren't trying hard and stacks of people lined up at the three infamous "drops" on the course that take all of 3 seconds to navigate so finding the perfect line on them is obviously way more crucial than just skidding down the the fuckers in some semblance of control and then mashing the gas for the next 10 minutes up the climb so you dont get passed by the 130 people that started behind you, or the 50 or so guys you hopfully passed in the first lap to make your way into 60th place. Then after all that we went and ate some pastries and drank another cappuccinno and came home for a nap, some PB and J sandwiches and bike maintenence. Life is good.

Lets hope it stays that way tomorrow.


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