Thursday, April 23, 2009

still here

Today we headed over to the race course near Offenburg to check out the conditions. It is very dry, fast and marbley out there. I think the laps will be extremely fast, so it will be important to get as far up as possible as soon as possible. Dusty is feeling much better now, and even got out of the hotel for almost the entire day. he usual suspects are beginning to show up now too. Saw the Specilized crew out riding the course today, and even got a tiny "hello" from Souaser as he rode by. This is pretty big soming form a euro. Most of these dudes wont even acknowlege your presance. Saw teh Maxxis boys as well. My friend Bassman form Japan is working for them this year and it was good to see him. he even brought me my fovorite energy drink from Japan, Pocari Sweat! It sounds aweful but is delicious. Other than that we have just been riding bikes, laying around lazily and being internet fiends. i found a photo lab to process some of my film from South Africa so maybe next week I will have some new photos up to peruse.

On the car vs moto front, The cars are forging an unreachable lead, so I am going to go ahead and call this one for the cars, although I think rocket propelled roller skates sound exciting, if maybe not much faster.


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