Monday, February 09, 2009

Giver eh

I have been back at the old training thing pretty hard as of recent. Mostly logging the hours on the road bike, but did the county line jamboree on Saturday and ended up riding with legends of the sport Don Myrah and Justin Robinson. It was awesome. The beach section was easy this year, nice and hard packed, plus there were tons of babes in bikinis and it was a beautiful day. Rode to the start with Vernor and Justin, then rolled it home after the finish for a solid 7 hours on the SS 29er MTB. Awesome. Now it is back at it, training for another month and a half before starting up with the 2009 WC in South Africa. Sarah is about to finish up her Phd so I have been spending some time as a lab slave helping her get things done. Good times and I even wear my safety glasses most of the time. Racing for 24 hrs next weekend is my next big adventure... I can hardly wait.



Anonymous said...

Safety goggles are good! Celebrate the warm California weather ... snow is predicted in the Willamette Valley this week. Gus and parents squeezed in some fishing time on the Siletz, just ahead of the white stuff. Hope the riding is fun.

aron said...

you definitely should have gone back for the bikini girls. where are your priorities?