Monday, April 21, 2008


Back in Belgium again. This time it is for MTB and not cross. I can hardly believe I am in Belgium though since there are atual hills and tress here. Quite a bit different fro west Flanders and the cross thing. The crowds are no different though. I think there were close to 30,000 people at the race yesterday. Had sweet call up in 118th and got to stand in line waiting for people to walk down the descents in front of me on the first lap while the front of the race rode away. i lost about 10 minutes n the first 2.5 laps, and only about 3 in thee last 3, sso I guess I was riding ok. I finished up in 61st, which is a total heart breaker, because points go 60 deep, and if I was top 60 I would have had a way better start position next week in Offenberg. And of all people to be right in front of be, it was JHK. Doh! I guess I have my work cut out for me again next weekend. It has been a pretty mellow trip so far. Kris ad I are hanging withe Maxxis crew and it has been pretty good. We have a cool house in La Roche and are staying here through wednesday when we will head down to Germany. I think the Nurumburgring is enroute so we may stop in and get some hot laps in our Ford Mondeo if things go right. Today I am planning on relaxing and eating lots of rice tarts. Later. Nasty


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report from Belgium, Barry. It sounds like you passed lots of people in the race. Here's hoping for even more of that next time.

Anonymous said...

good luck in germany. take JHK out. he sucks.