Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Zeland

I have been home form NZ for about 2 weeks now. The trip was really good. I did a marathon on the first weekend I was there and ended up winning that. The I spent 3 days doing awesome MTB rides around the north Island with my buddy Clinton. Then I headed down Nelson on the south Island for the Oceania Championships. I wasn't eligible for the titles or UCI points, but I got to Hang with all the UCI commissars since we were int he same host housing, and the races were sweet! The Aussies came over hunting for UCI pints for the Olympics and they were killing it! I almost pulled of the V, but then had a puncture with a lap to go and ended up 4th. i took it to em the next day in the short track though. During the race all the DH'ers were on lunch and came over to watch. They were heckling like mad, and throwing water from the creek crossing all over this one turn so it got super greasy. God times. Now I am back in SC hanging out and getting new parts put on my bike so it will work for a few more weeks until we get our new ones. Headed down to Fontana tomorrow for the first NMBS of the season. Should be sweet! Later



Eric J Sandstrom said...

hey wick nasty
when are you and tree farm gonna be on some 29ers?

the kona ones are awesome. I just got one and i am super happy with it

Anonymous said...

Good work this weekend Wicks. Heard you are going to all the world cups this year and the way it's looking you'll be the face of the Americans over there. Congratulations and good luck.

CDB said...

Yes, Mr. Wicks, do tell of your new 29" bike option! I made the switch for certain situations. With the new Stan's wheels coming, it will be even better. I'm sure it will be good for you too.

(Hint-hint... Pics.)

Great job setting the tone at Fontana. Nice to see.

Anonymous said...

what the hell is happening to cyclist in santa cruz? you should do something.