Monday, February 25, 2008

Training Camp

I am in Ventura this week, hanging out on the beach and riding my bike in the sunshine. Today I found this massive climb up out of Ojai. It reminded me of riding in the Alps outside of Nice. Huge mountains with not much more than scrub brush and rocks. Pretty cool though. I think I saw about 4 cars the whole time as I climbed for 1.5 hours. At the top I didnt know where to go so I flipped it and came back down through the valley. Tomorrow I am going to find a good loop. The out and back rides arent that sweet. Now I think i might go across the street and grab some In and Out for dinner. Cheese burgers! Delicious. Thats about it for now. later



Anonymous said...

Saw your Mom today. sounds like she and Peter have a good trip lined up.
Enjoy that area down there, it's beautiful.
Michael E.

sasha said...

I wish I had such a big mountain in my back yard...because of no mountains in Nikolaev area I've started thinking about building them :) sent you an e-mail

jsager said...

what are you doing in Oceana, mate?

Anonymous said...

Nice job, placing fourth in the Oceana championship race, Barry!

Mark Studnicki said...

I lived in Ventura for years so that long climb out of Ojai is very familiar. You can keep going all the way to Frazier Park and to the summitt of Mt Pinos if you have all day. I had heard that that climb is the longest, continuous, paved climb in california. No idea if that's true or not but it's a long one for sure.