Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Old Pueblo

Just did the first race of the year for me. The 24 hrs in the Old Pueblo in Tucson. It was pretty sweet. Kona was the title sponsor of the event and wanted us to win pretty badly so Kris and I went down along with Matt Slavin from the Bike Gallery and Luke from Rad racing. We had to pull out some fast laps towards the end of the race because this local hammer team was just killing it, and we only ended up winning by about 14 minutes! Close one! It was a super rad scene though, relaxed and fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I am pretty tired from getting up at 3 am to do some more laps though, plus I did the last 2 laps in a row so that was extra hard. Kris set the precedent a few laps earlier when he went out for a second when the next guy didn't show up immediately so I figured I had to do two in a row also or I would look like a sissy! Now I am just hanging in the Cruz recovering and getting ready to head down to Ventura next week with Sarah for one of her Chemistry Conferences. It will be cool to check out some new riding territory and hopefully see some more sun! Tomorrow I am going to ride over to San Jose and watch Doug win the group sprint in the ToC. Dont let me down Snuggles! Word.


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Busto said...

Wicks, I am compressing my life down to a duffel bag. In the cleanout, I came across a bunch of sweet ass pics of you from Star-X '04. Shoot me an email with your addy and I'll send 'em your way.