Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Not much to Report

Things are coming together for my assult on the Euro World Cup scene. I am going to be traveling with my old mate, K-Bomb and his Quebexican counterpart Matteau! That should be pretty fun. All the kids from up north have been venturing down here and sleeping in my living room as they try to escape from the various horrendous conditions in Oregon, Colorado and Canada. Last night we finally had the house to ourselves and it was nice!Tonkin, Rhonda and the Gus man where down this weekend as well, so that was fun. I have been putting in some serious hours on the MTB recently and that has been pretty refreshing. It always seems easier to do a 6 hr MTB ride than the equivalent road ride. Maybe it is all the trees and sick jumps that keep me from going crazy. The season is just about to get really cranking pretty soon, so I am going to enjoy these next few weeks sleeping in my own bed and and walking down to the News Stand to get a hot dog and coffee after my rides. Time to make dinner!



Anonymous said...

McKenzie Bridge has a record snow accumulation this year - the most since 1962. It may be awhile before that trail opens up for riding again! Good to hear the MTB riding is so fun. That's a good start to the season.

Andy said...

A hot dog? Is that the super fuel you killer pros use?
I must learn from the best...*goes and fires up the grill*

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had good results at the Old Pueblo race. How come you rode nine laps, and your teammates only rode 4 laps each? Were you just trying to have some good training? Looks like your team came in first. Hope it was fun.

Nasty said...

I only actually did 6 laps, there are missprints in the results... Sneddon and I both did six, Matt 5 and young Luke did 4.and yes, it was awesome. I will write about it tomorrow