Monday, January 21, 2008


Not trees, but miles. Ever since Tonkin the master of flash descended upon us for the day last weekend I haven't been able to get enough of the bike! It started with a near 6 hour epic road ride that had T declaring it the "best road ride ever" and culminated with 30 hours logged last week. I guess I had to take advantage of the sunshine while it shone, because the apocalypse hit just as I was getting back into town from my ride today. Hail hurts the nose! Now I have to install fenders on my new Kona training rig and hope it all goes away soon. Last weekend Sarah and I built our selves a new bed frame, and got a little carried away. It has an integrated bench at one end, a platform at the head to hold various things and is so far off the ground I nearly killed my self getting out of it to take a pee the first night. Feels pretty kingly to be so high off the ground when I am sleeping though. That is about it around here. I have been making a sticky bun and coffee stop just about everyday at a bakery I found the other day, and that is what gives me the extra motivation for that last hour in the saddle. Word! Next up is the 24 hours in Old Peublo next month. I can hardly wait.



Andre said...

What ever happened to the 'So you want to be SSCXWC' announcement?

Nasty said...

Nothing. Try training harder next year...Ha! No, seriously, nothing happened

erikv said...

What gear were you, the current world single speed champion, riding that day in Estacada?

Heidi Swift said...

erikv - do you really think nasty is going to reveal his secrets?

barry - if you managed to make a bed that is almost too tall for you, how the hell is sarah getting in and out of it? By the way, I inspected your bike at Estacada and your saddle hits me at the armpit! :)

Nasty said...

i was running a 107 tooth chainring and a 48 tooth cog. duh! i know how to make ladders to now, incednetally