Monday, December 24, 2007

happy christmas

so since the highlight of my career, unofficially winning the single speed world championships, i have been continued my chronic traveling disease. new jersey usgp was pretty rad, pretty cold and the second day i continued my streak of crashing myself out. then there was thanksgiving and we went up to myrtle point to frame in a shed at sarah's parent's farm which is rad. there turkeys woke us up each morning and from there we went to the portland usgp. that was also pretty awesome with huge winds and terrifically terrible weather as expected. then there was a break and a wonderful weather race in california, unfortunately the only one this year which we hope won't be the case next year, and then to the snowy strip mall cabellas wonderland of kansas city. i love bonner springs. period. perhaps this is the best example of how a wonderful winter wonderland can blossom into an all out shopping, bull riding extravaganza. speaking of bull riding, if anyone would like lessons from the coach, sarah, please let me know. after being in this wonderland it was clear that i was going to all but miss the next couple months of belgium bliss. there is really no other way to describe it. so now it's almost christmas and we're again in myrtle point painting and hanging out at the farm before heading to aurora, portland, black butte and then back to the cruz. i feel for the guys in belgium right now, but i am sure at this point they are still in the honeymoon stage. in about 8 more days they will be starting to feel it, then at about the 3 week mark it will really start getting fun. send those guys some love if you get a chance. later on.



Chicks 4 Wicks said...

Hi Wicks. Thanks for signing our Barry Potter book at the USGP. We loved it!

Great job at the race.

We love you Barry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry! Man, you are a difficult dude to get in touch with. I am your cousin Sarah may remember me from age 10. hahaha i wanted to find you on myspace or facebook or whatever. I Dont really speak to anyone from my dads side of the family so i thought it would be cool to contact you....

First of all congrats on your accomplishments...thats awesome. If you would like to be friends (YAY) hit me up my email is i am on myspace also facebook. for verification purposes here is a random fact: your mom sends my family fruit and nut gooey treats every year for xmas. hahaha

Really hope to talk to you soon.

Sarah Mae