Friday, June 01, 2007


Today was a nice leasurly day for me. Since I went so hard yesterday and then got dropped, today I took the TT nice a mellow to get the legs ready for tomorrow. I got passed by 25 people, and lost maybe 15 minuts to Oneil, but my legs will be lots less soar than some of those other guys, that is for sure! Now that the Net has the Jersey back and I am like 25 mintes back, I am hoping to get in a breakaway again tomorrow that has a bit more of a chance than yesterday. Will play it by ear though and see what happens. Maybe just try and make the final selection and see what happens. Today I got a sweet video of Decker when he passed me on the climb during the TT but I cant get it off my camera on to my computer. Maybe later. In a few hours we are going to go do the Kids race then get some Thai food for dinner. More fun in the sun is in store so check it later.


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