Tuesday, June 05, 2007

And the Rest..

I am back in the Cruz now, recovering from the last few days at Mt Hood
and letting all the killer miles settle into the legs. I am expecting
good results from all the hard miles so hopefully the next bunch of MTB
races will go well. Saturday was the "Queen" stage of the race. RT got
in the break early so I just chilled out and waited for the final. We
were doing about 24mph all day with the Net on the front. Finally started getting pretty hared with about 3km to go in on the final 35 mile climb. Z-Check attacked like 12 times in the last 2k and couldn't get ride of O'Neil or J_M, but the bunch blew up and I rolled it in in 13th about 30 seconds back. Not to shabby. Sunday was the crit, which turned out to be pretty easy. Made one big move but the Navigators and Toyota's I was with werent into it so it didn't work out. Made it through unscathed though so that was nice. Now I am just hanging out trying to recover and doing some super fun MTB rides. I lost my digital photo technology temporarily, but hopefully it will be back for Park City in 2 weeks so you guys can look at some more photos. That's about it. Oh yeah, Tonkin had bad luck, double flatting off the start and doing the race solo on Saturday. He drilled it but was still 20 min back at the second feed zone so he
pulled the plug. Kinda lets you know how fast we were going...


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Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, how about writing up the race at Park City, where you were on the podium? Thanks. from an Oregon admirer