Monday, July 09, 2007

Park City

A bit late, but better than never right. I have all this free time
right now since Sarah has left on another sponge hunting expedition toPNG, so I might as well let the world know what I have been up to. Park City was pretty good. I did the late arrival, flew in friday evening and stayed at my friend Matt's house in Salt Lake. (Thanks Matt!) Picked up Tonkin, Wendy and Kris as well and headed up the hill early sat am. It turned out to be the same course as it always is, so I didn't bother pre riding it. Tonkin, though busted out half a lap before the women started and then ran around in his chamois the rest of the day until
we started. That guy is so hard core! We started at 2, in the heat of
the day, and things went pretty well right off. I rode pretty
conservative for the first 2 laps, sitting around 10-11, with the next
group ahead in sight.On lap 3 I decided to turn it on a but and started moving through the group and catching people pretty steadily. By the start of lap 4 I was about 30 seconds behind 5th, so I kept the pressure on and caught him, then set my sights on Decker, another minute ahead. I almost got him, but ran out of race course and ended the day in 5th. A pleasant surprise and a good ride for me at altitude. The STXC was also the same course as always, very selective and rough. I rode the Dualie in the STXC which is pretty rare. I felt good in the first half and after Kabush attacked and got a gap I decided to bridge across to him as I was feeling comfortable in the chase group. I made it
there, but at a price. Going deep at altitude has consequences, and I
ended up at the short end of the rope. I got dropped bu Geoff, reeled
in by the chase I had been sittingcomfortably in before, dropped by
them and had to ride it solo about 15 seconds back for the rest of the
race. Oops! Oh well, it was a good try, and was my last chance for
victory in the stars and stripes unless I can win another one in 2
weeks, so I had to give it a go. Now I have been back in the Cruz, just
chilling, training, doing the local stuff and having a grand old time. I am headed out to the east coast Thursday for Pedros fest and then Nationals and The next Norba, so I will try and give some up dates form the road. Until then... keep it Nasty


CDB said...

Good luck in Vermont Barry. That is such a fun course. I'll be rooting for you (pun intended).

CDB said...

Well, it's been a while, tall one. I see you're heading over to the UK for one more big hurrah on the fat knobbies this year.

Breaking out some skinny knobs for some Vegas CX? That will be quite interesting if Elvis really shows up.

Hope the legs treat you right over in bangers-n-chips-ville.