Thursday, May 31, 2007

Doin it

Today was hard. I got in the big break. It was me, 4 Toyota guys and a Helth Net. We did 22mph up the climb each lap. Then Healthnet got worried cause Baldwin was with us and didnt want to give him a head start in the TT against Oneil. Priority was done, so Ryder rode the front and they caught us with 1 lap to go. I got dropped, but bridged back on on the descent. Then got droped again with about 10km to go and finished about 10 min down. Sweet times. It was pretty cool to be in the break though and working it. Tomorrow is the TT so hopefully I can just chill and rest up for Saturdays big one. Below is RT after a hard day in the saddle. We are pretty haggard right now. Luckily the Sportsman AC has 3 setting: Tropical Storm, Hurricane, and Tornado. We are nice and cool in here, but it is 90 out. WTF? Anyways, tomorrow is the kids race to so that wil be good fun. Later on.

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Anonymous said...

race on barry and on a similar note, if anyone can help with ryan mcknab's recovery, here is a blog with more information on help appreciated.