Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another one Down

I think that is the 7th time I have done the Sea otter. This time was by far the most fun. The courses were just totally fucked from the rain so it was actually fun to ride around. The STXC was just super nasty, ala Portland CX nats the first year. I rode OK, relied on my skills in the mud rather than fitness to finish 12th. The XC was pretty good, almost 3 hours long and pretty dry compared to the rest of the weekend. It did start raining about half way through but the sandy soil stayed pretty good. Road with some pretty good guys, then ditched them on the descent on the second lap and rode it in solo for like 26th or so. It was pretty good for the first XC of the year and I felt decent, but not totally on it. That is good though as if I was killing it I would be pretty worried for the remainder of the season to come. @ more weeks of training in the rain and then it is back up to Oregon for the Willamette Valley Classic stage race. Should be a good time. Hopefully I can get my TT bike set up by then, still waiting on a fork. I guess I will procrastinate for a little bit longer and then face the inevitable and go ride in the rain for a few hours. Sweet. Got a pretty good case of the poison oak all over my legs again this year. Hopefully it will be all cleared up by the time I hit the road race in a few weeks so I can show off my skinny white legs..




Anonymous said...

Too bad about the poison oak. Betadine washes may help. M.

Anonymous said...

applying soap while showering could alleviate further spreading as well. a future with soap in general is a great route to explore nonetheless. bold indeed, i know.

Nasty said...

soap is for suckers...i like to spread the wealth out a bit.

Anonymous said...