Friday, April 07, 2006

Mud Otter

It has been pretty nice for the last 2 days but the ground is still super wet. The super CX was a muddy mess, kinda reminded me of cross a lot. I rode pretty well, getting dropped up the big climb then smocking the DH and passing everyone. Caught the front group with 2 to go then flatted and rolled it in on the rim. Pretty sketchy riding on the pavement on a rim, let me tell you! Did the super short TT today and didn't even get a chance to go hard cause it was so muddy and short. I did crash once though and broke my seat off the rails and tore my skinsuit. I am blowing through the equipment this weekend, Sorry Markey! Now I am at home for the day and night to escape the circus and spend some QT with the lady. Headed back for tomorrow afternoons STXC and the Kona Party at Bay bikes. Invitation only suckers! Stop by the Kona tent to get your. Until next time, It has started raining again so I am going to take a nap and hope it is sunny when I wake up.



Anonymous said...

great work at the potter!

Anonymous said...

sweet sweet...russ must be pro eh?

Anonymous said...

guzzle it sneedon!!!