Sunday, April 16, 2006

On again off again

The weather, my legs and how it feels to live in California. That about sums it up. It has been a pretty wet week but on Thursday it was super sunny and warm so I went out for a good 5 hours, got super sunburned and had a blast. All these sweet roads are closed to traffic right now due to the hills falling down from the rain so stuff that usually sucks to ride is awesome because I can ride in the middle of the road and not get buzzed by crappy california drivers in their smelly cars.BTW, sunblock workes even if you apply it after the fact. I forgot it on thursday, got super roasted but when I got hoem i slathered it all over my self and then again before bed and by the next day you couldnt even tell I had been out in the sun. Crazy! Friday I was pretty worked and only did about 2.5 hours at a snails pace. Then yesterday I felt great, did 4 hours and tons of climbing and then today I almost died trying to pedal my MTB up a hill so turned around and came home. Weird stuff, but if the same schedule continues I should be good for 2 of the three days next weekend, hopefully anyways. Tonight we are going to have a BBQ out back and then shoot some bb guns. 4 more days untill another race, I can hardly wait. Untill then, ride, rest and eat some taocs.



Anonymous said...

Yo Barry,
Thought you might like to see your backside after the Sea Otter TT.

Dave from Boston

the supplier said...

Was the chemistry crowd able to kill the keg?

Anonymous said...

not yet....