Sunday, March 19, 2006

Well Rested

I haven't really ridden my bike very much in the last few days, so to make up for it me and Vernor are doing the Flamingo ride today. All 6 hours of it. Good Times! I haven't been able to ride because I went down to Santa Barbara for the Kona Demo with Matson on Friday. We got stuck in a wicked traffic jam after they closed the 101 due to some police shooting/ mud slide from hell or something. It sucked. I ran back to the trailer while stuck in traffic and got the cooler and brought it back to the van so at least Sarah and I were entertained. We hung out in Down Town Santa Barbara on St Patrick day and saw all the pretty people. That place is weird. I felt like I was back in Portland in one bar cause it was all EMO and shit, everyone with shaved heads and small square glasses and short sleeve button up shirts. What a bunch of posers! They all looked like David Cross wannabees... Slept in late then walked down town for some light breakfast. I was still pretty stuffed from the all you can eat sushi from the night before. Ryan came up and picked us up and we headed out to the Demo site. There we found about 4000 gromes shredding the nar on the sweet Kona Demo fleet. I rode my fully rigid hard tail to the top while everyone else's took the shuttle and I still beat them to the top. The "hill" was tiny but there were a few jumps and berms on the trail so it was good fun. All the gromes were making fun of my spandex until I toasted them down the hill on my XC bike then they all shut up. Sweet! This is probably the longest update in a while but all sorts of good stuff went down. We drove back last night up the 1 through Big Sur and had a grand old time pinning it past terrified dads in there SUV's hitting the lights in mid turn and getting sketchy in there crappy Durangos. We blasted past in the Teal turd like they were standing still and only had to pull evasive maneuvers a few times to keep it on the road. Good Stuff. Anyways, back in the Cruz and the sun, so time to chamois up and hit the road. Ran is suck a hoser....


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Anonymous said...

you guys must have had to pee a lot after attacking the cooler eh?