Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Well, I have ridden quite a bit in the last few days. Sunday was in the order of 100 miles and 10,000 Ft of climbing. Good times. I was pretty tired after that and the weather went to shit yesterday so I only did 2 hrs yesterday and again today. Tomorrow Sneddon and his Hommie are coming back through on the way down to the Nova Desert Classic. I am headed south again on Thursday for Redlands. Should be pretty fun, I hope. Nothing else to really report on, its has been a pretty relaxed week. Today I made a bunch of food over at Sarahs profs house for their finals grading session. That was good fun, I even got payed in bottles of wine so I am stoked. I guess I should take a nap now, or maybe go get Sarah and make some dinner. Later on

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Anonymous said...

what a special sparkling master pro chef cuisine you are!!! the homemade chili, bread, warmed nuts and chocolate, quiches, mocha cake and everything were just delightful. if this whole bike gig ever loses it's fancy, boy goodness do i see a shining star chef in the works. i'll be, that pizza you made last night could even take a crown or two over any fancy pizza i've ever tried.