Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kona Training Kamp

The last 3 days have been pretty good. Sneddon and his buddy Matt were down here fomr Santa Rosa and we did a ton of riding. The first day involved about 5 hours and 8500 ft of climbing. Wednesday we did the Wednesday ride and then headed out longer with Fred Dreier from Velonews and showed him how team Kona trains. we hit some wicked single track on the road bikes and then got osme cookies... Today was a nice one up the coast in the wind. Good times. Now the boys are headed back up to the land of Levi and I am headed down to Santa Barbara for a demo. Got a sweet box full of road stuff so i have been trying to get all my new shit dialed in. It is always stressful trying out new shoes and saddles and the like but I think I have it all dialed. That is it, time for a shower and a nap, maybe then I will wash the caked mudd off my road bike...

Ryan is still a slacker...and training is still for people who suck

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Olaf Vanderhoot said...

bwaa! ... wickets is a madman.

right on.

glad to have you down in hippie-ville. come to the local-yokel races mo'. it was cool seein' you crush all at the crossey-crosses this "winter."

that watsonVile race was ridiculously dusty-dirty nastier n' all hell and you looked suitably goofy as you lapped most the field.


now go have a beer and get fat and old like the rest of us, yo. (we'll take Treeboner as an advanced member).