Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dueling Banjos Worthy ride

Today was a pretty sweet one. Headed out with Brian Vernor, of Puresweethell fame, for some back road exploration in and around the hills of Santa Cruz. Discovered new to me roads all just beyond the surface of where I have ventured before. Riding with a local intills cinfidance while carrening down old single lane roads lined with busted up cars and gated driveways... Ended up doing about 5 hours with our final descent takig us down through Nisene Makrs state park via fire road. We took one of Brians "shortcuts" and ended up riding down an old washed out logging road, fording a stream that was progressivley getting deeper and deeper each time we crossed, ubtill we were finally forced to take off our shoes and socks and leg warmers and wade across a knee deep torent to get back to civilization. Good times, especially since I was rockin it on my road bike. Never before have you seen suck amazing grace and style as I carened around muddy truns with aplomb and wheeled through creek crossings with ease. I have to say though, Shimano Dura Ace pedals suck ass in the mud. After emerging form the dark woods we crusied into town and hit a coffee shop for some liquid energy. 5 hours into the ride seemed like a good time for a refreshment. Man I love doing base miles! We avoided the rain all day but now it is cataclismic out and doesnt seem to be lettig up. Hope Ryan has a fun time stuck in Ashland tonight in the snow. Sucka foo! That is a real shit way to spend ones birthday, no worries though, I am still going to buy hima cake when he gets here.

Peace out yo


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