Saturday, March 04, 2006


well, it has begun. I have started training again. it has been pretty sweet, good weather and all that jazz. the deckerator was down here and we did the santa cruz single speed county line race last saturday. it was sweeet! 10 miles on the road down hwy 1, 10 miles through the farms on the rr tracks, 10 miles through town on the rr tracks and then 10 miles on the beach. yes, the beach. sand water and all that fun stuff. it was pretty good times, we were killing it for a while but then got tired so we pulled over to take some pictures with some local grafiti grommets and then ate some cookies. ryan likes the ladies with big glasses, so all you ladies looking for some tree farm lovin go out and buy your self a set and you will be in like flyn. fatson is comming to town next week and ryan is comming tomorrow so i will probably not update this site again for like 45 days cause we will be on a "fishing trip" if you know what i mean. peace out

skerrit is the shit

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