Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another Sunday in the Snow

I thought I had left the nasty cold wet snowy weather back in Belgium, but today proved me wrong. In what is becoming a habit of sorts Vernor and I headed out for an epic again today. We climb up pretty high, and around each turn more and more slush appeared in the road. By the top it was pretty thick, but we eased it on through and made it back to the low lands and warmer temps before we got to cold. Those cali boys sure like to complain about the cold though... Made it an even 5 hours by looping through town and out south for a few more climbs before calling it a day. Matson called from LA a few hours ago, hope he makes it up before too long. Check out Lady Sovereign if you get a chance, 20 years old from east London and full of smarts and hot beats. Peace out.

Ryan is a slacker

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