Saturday, January 28, 2006


Today the racing has finally gotten underway. This morning we watched the juniors go off. Bjorn had a great ride, in the fornt 8 for the entire race and was sitting in 4th halfway into the last lap but hit a tree and ended up 7th. still a great ride. After that I headed out for a ride. went in the forest for a bit and then out on the course for a few laps. It is in good shape. A bit icey in spots but super fast and for the most part pretty grippy. Then came home and had lunch and watched the U23 race. The US guys had a rough race. Troy went down at the start and got super messed up. he was on TV riding aorund bleeding from the face, the other guys got held up too and were pretty far back. The Check kid won again, the top 3 guys were killing everyone. Now i am just hanging out and trying to rest up the legs. I wish we had raced today so it would be all over. The waiting game is almost done though so i am ready to get to it. We race at 2:30 tomorrow so another day of haning out and then revving it up for the race. Saw a bunch of the Oregon crew out there today while i was preriding. they looked ot be having fun. anyways, i think it is time for a nap.


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