Sunday, January 29, 2006

Game Over

Well I did it. Raced the world cahmponships and didnt even die. Just abotu though. Had a pretty good race going after about 2 laps, then flatted while sittign about 30th. In a bad spot at that and ended up loosing about 30 seconds riding halfway around the course to the pit. got my second bike and started soldering away. Gradually worked my way up, 45th, 38th, 34th, 30th, 28th going in to the last lap. then stufed it hard in a icey turn while i was busy thinking about how to ditch the teo guys on my wheel as apposed to steering my bike. dropped the chain and messed up the sifter so I had to take another pit. Cought one of the 5 guys to pass me and ended up 33rd. Not great, not horrable, but i fel like if i had riden a clean race i could have made the top 25, maybe even top 20. oh well, had the legs, just bad luck, which i guess is better than having bad legs and good luck... anyways, back in belgium now. tomorrow will be spemt packing and shopping for chocolate and eating frites. thanks for all the encourament fom everyone. there were tons of US folks out there today and i could hear my name being called out the entire way around the track. quite a bit different from the first time i went to worlds. did a get a few "go lance" heckles form drunlk french guys but i guess we cant all be that cool. anyways, i think this will be my last udate for a while as i enter a hibernation of sorts for the month of february. no bikesa llowed. just some surfing, hiking and a whole lot of chillin. thanks to Kona for all the support this year, Geoff with his excellent advice and ability to bring out my best, Sarah for her unyeilding support of my abcense and racing and all the rest of you who have given me the cheers along the way. untill next time, keep on keepin it on. what is around is all around.what comes around is around. and all that jazz. see you at the sea otter!



Anonymous said...

congratulations babe!! great job and just wanted to give you a heads up that today's surf was pretty much unbeatable and i was cracking up the whole time i was paddling between rides. it's calling your name!!

Anonymous said...

way to go. every year you keep getting faster and faster. even with a flat and a crash you had a good finish. the mud slinger is 3/26 hope you are in town for that.
p.s. thanks for the broken bars you left on my work bench.

Anonymous said...


Taste it...

Peace, love dove, and hare Krisha.

The Phantom

Anonymous said...

Here's another...

Sincerely, etc.
Richard Longwood

Colt McElwaine said...

congrats on making it thru your euro trip! enjoy the beach! ( be safe if you or your girlfirend do any SCUBA diving )

Chris said...

Great job in Zeddam and the whole season...i was one of the drunk freaks out there yelling your name at Worlds!
Good times.

Anonymous said...


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