Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rest and Snow

Today is one of our few days off when we can try and recover between races. Our next one is not untill saturday os todau was pretty relaxed. I walked down to the Pnos place this morning with Tonkin and Newt and got a nice cappacino. Then went and peddaled aorund for a bit to kee the legs smooth. We found some cool single track that went aound a series of lakes so we played int hier for a while and then heaed back to the house. Had a good lunch and massage and then took a trip to the special "Bio" grocery store. Picked up spme gluten free goods and now i am all set. i have been eating just plain meat and cheese for unch, no bread, because of my special diet but now i have some rice cakes and some gluten free bread. Most excellent! It has been snowing on and off today. Nothing is sticking but it s pretty cold and damp out there. tomorrow we are going to go train on the race course for the next race because it is 15km from the house. I had an interesting chat with Geoff today. He was talking about hwo we race in such tight groups over here and everyone is going for it, be it 13th or 31st. He made the point that some guys, like some of the Czech riders, really "want" it, and it is up to us to want it more than they do. I am conflicted about that because to some of these guys that extra spot they make up will make a huge differance in what they are offered for money an dfor some of them that is a really big deal. It is for me too I guess but i think I tend to maybe err on the side of giving it away more than they do. Somehting to work on for me.... Anyways, that is about all that is going on here.



Anonymous said...

Hey, just spoke with your sis and got your blog location. Good reading. Keep on riding.And enjoy all of it!
Aunt Deb

Suzanne said...

very interesting sport you're into Barry...good reads...