Friday, December 30, 2005


So I am still sitting in my room trying to get motivated to ride. It is -3 out today and super windy. The roads are a bit icey and I am trying to decided if I want to ride inside our out today. It is about 50/50. I could go outside and get wicked cold and maybe crash, or ride inside and get bored and still be chilly... Cant decide. Tomorrow is is going to warm up and the course will be mega muddy. That is fine by me as I could do with a little bit slower speed racing than we have had the last 2 go rounds. My bikes are getting all pimped out right now so they should be good to go, just in time to get destroyed again tomorrow in the mud. I have been working on doing some meditation this week to get myself more in the present and centered and focused. Geoff thinks this helps me race my bike and I agree with him. Getting all the chatter in my mind to shut off and just being in the present and racing my bike is what i need to do. It is difficult to shut everything out sometimes but I work on it during my massages because they hurt so bad it is good to distract myself form the pain. I have been playing a lot of video games this week and it is definalty getting me excited to go slide around in the mud. My ralley driving skills are comming together quite nicley...! Anyways, I better get myself together and make a decision to ride and then do it. I will get back tomorrow and let you know how the mudfest goes.



Anonymous said...

good luck b!!! have fun and good luck with your focus. i think it'll be hard but a great thing to work on and will bring you good results. find your groove and pin it! ptf

Anonymous said...

Wickser kick some Euro ass. Don't be a pansy.

You're my boy BLUE!

Parole Officer