Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Well, another one is in the books. Cant say that it was my best ever but I got through it with out to many lasting scars so its all good. The course was super fast. Probably abut 1 minute faster than last years course. It was minus 2 C today and the ground was frozen. For the most part it was just ultra quick with only a few dicey turns. I had a decent start and was going OK but then I broke my seatpost on lap 4 and had to roll it to the pits standing up. I crammed the seat and broken post in my skinsuit and got a ton of laughs for that one. Once I got back on my bike I crusied it in with a group for 41st. I am getting tired of these crappy placing so hopefully the World Cup on saturday will go better. It is ging to be cold untill then but warm up friday night and start raining so maybe we will have a bit of mud to play in. All the beter I think as I am not so stoked to try and ride my cross bike at 35 mph on hard pack dirt behind the likes of Paris Roubaiz podium finisher Roger Hammond like I did today. A little mud and some slipery turns may just be what the doctor ordered for this guy... Now I am back at the house eating tons of food and trying to recover from the day. I just had granny smith apple flavored yogurt for the first time and it asnt half bad, sort of like a mix between chardonnay and candy apple flavor... I will try and post some pictures form the race today some time tomorrow. Later on suckas!

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