Monday, December 26, 2005

Hofstade World Cup

Today was the frist foray into racing for the trip. The race is one I did last year so I was prety excited to do it again. The conditions were great, sunny and 45 degrees, adn it was mega fast. Mega fast except fr the 600 meters of sand each lap. we rode down to the waters edge across the sand, rode along the water for 400 meters and then tried to pwer back up into the woods; twice a lap. It was henious. The second time through the course was further fomr the water and not packed down so it turned into a run. I felt pretty good on the riding parts of the course but the running just absolutley killed me. I had a good start, top 20 with ryan but after the second trip through the sand i was redlined. I tried to hang on but drifted back for a coule of laps while I tried to recover. I finally settled in with a group and came around with about 4 laps to go and started drilling it. I had those guys gone and was almost to the next group when i flatted. i was fairly close to the pit but i still got cought and paseed by the group i had just shed and rode the last 2 laps alone at what was basically th last place on the course. I made it through without gettin lapped so that was god, and i felt pretty ok, considering it was the first race and i am still a bit off from the trip. tomorrow is a rest day and then wednesday we are racing a GVA at Louenhouet. It is one of the biggest races in Belgium and is super fun. It is supposed to start snowing tonight and then get even colder for the next coule of days just to keep things interesting. alright, i am going to go shower and head down for dinner. later on...


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