Sunday, December 25, 2005

Belgium numero dos

Its still sunny out side, so I have that going for me, which is nice. Today Ryan and I went out and rode around for a couple of hours. He knows the roads here so we didnt even get lost. I slept pretty good last night considering the time change. I stayed up untill 10 and then slept all the way untill 10 this morning. It will be a strugle today to stay awake again so I can sleep tonight but I think I can manage. I guess it is Christmas. I keping forgetting that. Sarah sent us some rad stockings full of goodies so we got to open those up this morning. I got some sweet peppermint soap and some tea and vitamin C. Tomorrow is race number 1 for me. It is the World Cup in Hofstede. I did it last year as well. It is a pretty hard course with 2 long sandy beach sections and some tough muddy traverses over these super sketcy wood bridges. Last year it was down right nasty, 33 and raining and muddy as hell. This year it may be better but if the storm that is on the horizon comes in it could be another nasty one. It is supposed to start snowing on tuesday and not get above freezing for a week so that should make for some interesting racing next week. Well, I think i am going to read a bit and then make some coffee so I dont fall asleep. Check ya later!


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Anonymous said...

thanks for winning the dance contest! sweet dreams