Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chillin in Izegem

Literally, it is below freezing outside with no outlook of warming up for at least 4 days. When we left for our nice easy recovery ride I wore all the clothing I had and was kind of warm because the sun was still shinning. After 45 minutes the clouds came in and it started snowing. The whole time we had a 15 mph head wind and it was just cutting through everything I had on. Now I am comfortably back at the house, fortunatly. Just had a massage and am now doing all I can not to fall asleep. I slept great last night an dam stoked I havet had a really bad night yet. Tomorrow is the Super Presige race in Louenhout. It is a super fun course and should be even more fun with 4 cm of snow on it... I am stoked. I got my new Dugast mud tires glued up today and am ready to rcck it! I think I might go down stairs and watch some videos or maybe try reading a bit and get some coffee. Later


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