Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Santa Barbara California

We have been hanging out in Santa Barbara with our friends Rich and Claudia this week, getting in some beach time, acquiring nice sun burns and letting Eva and Axel, Rich and Claudias kid, entertain each other. It is pretty much a match made in heaven. Eva think so anyways...
The weather was pretty good for the first few days, then it started raining quite a bit, predictably, on the days when I was scheduled to do big bike rides. I did get to ride up some gigantic hills, which was nice, but it was so socked in above 4000 ft and windy that I could hardly tell I was up in the mountains. It was still awesome though, and now that I am throwing a wicked taper in it has become nice and sunny.

Ryan is down here as well, so we have been riding together and letting our dogs wrestle all day and tire each other out.

Headed up to Sea Otter Thursday, I hope it stays nice!


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Anonymous said...

Hey Barry have you seen the guy who races motocross with his dog. Why can’t you do that with that little dog of yours? He won’t add much more then a water bottle worth of weight to your bike. Here are some links to the motocross racing dog: