Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Life in Chicago

We have been having a bit of this going on around here recently. Sarah caught some hail the other night that was about 30mm across. Thats Big!

Here is a link to a mix tape of have been enjoying recently via VICE Magazine.

All sorts of entertaining inglorious content over there to waste time with.

Headed to Santa Barbara next week to Hang with some friends and do some riding in the mountains before Sea Otter, then headed up to Oregon to see my family, ride with the old school crew, and do a little local MTB racing on the side.

I hope it doesn't hail today while I am about riding.


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Spockgirl said...

I am revisiting your blog, after initially posting a comment to your "ice cream dream".
I have to ask:
What is up with all the Spam comments, even with word verification?
Also, you noted several Canadians at a race in Fontana (I presume California) - does this mean they are well funded or well sponsored? or simply because its warmer? Just curious. I'm not big on the cycling world - I know Lance (what's his name) and the incomparable Clara Hughes - that's about it. Oh, and your race-mate Ryan Trebon (super tall good looking kid)- has an article on Wikipedia, but I didn't see one posted with your name.
Good weather, good riding.