Monday, January 25, 2010

Riding Again

So I rode my bike a couple of times in the last few days. It feels nice to pedal, even if it is 30 degrees outside. I get bonky pretty fast since my body is not used to riding very much anymore, but it has been good fun. I am getting pretty tough. It is amazing how fast I went from "shit, it is flippin freezing here!" to "well, its pretty nice out today since it is 35 and not snowing". I guess it is all relative. At least it isn't raining on me right now like it is in Santa Cruz.

Saturday Sarah proposed a ride up to the Illinois State Beach park. It looked pretty straight forward on the map so I hopped on the bike and headed out. It was smooth sailing until I got to North Chicago, where the nice plowed bike path I had been rolling along ended abruptly in a 20 foot high ice/snow bank. Apparently that was as far as they decided to plow. I took to the side roads, got chased by a pit bull, road on 4 lane divided highways, tried multiple detours and finally made it to the park. Sarah was already there walking Eva around in the ice so I did a quick clothing change and we headed back south to grab some Deep Dish Pizza.

Everyone says that in Chicago deep dish is the way to go, and we weren't disappointed. The thing weighed about 7 lbs and smelled awesome. We hightailed it home and dug in. About 20 minutes later I was in a massive food coma on the couch where I remained until Sunday afternoon when we joined all the young families at Ikea looking for functional home furnishings at reasonable prices.

Finding none of these, we went back home, made an apple pie and played with the puppy.

I am going to spend one more week here in Evanston, then i am taking a quick training trip to Santa Rosa to try and whip my self into some shape.

I hope it doesn't rain on me to much.

Big time:

Gratuitous shot of the ladies:

Over and Out.



Barry said...

You know I don't speak Spanish

Anonymous said...

Spring ice thin, human thinner; almost impossible difficult, more difficult to ask for help. Google Speaks!

Anonymous said...

How is the cold weather riding coming? What have been the biggest challenges to riding out of Evanston instead of Santa Cruz?