Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So my buddy John is about to have a kid, and we decided to take one last big Mancation with him before diapers and 2am wake up calls became the order of the day. Johns friend Dale lives in Minturn so we packed up the bags, hopped a plane and headed up to 10,000ft for bottomless powder and blue skies.

We got the blue skies, but due to a combination of factors, mostly related to atmospheric conditions and global warming, there was no bottomless powder. In fact, there was barely any snow at all, and if Vail didn't maintain golf course like standards on their runs during the summer months we could not have even skied. Luckily they do, so we were able to burn close to 35 runs over the weekend on high speed groomers. Fun times.

Copious amounts of bacon, beer, pizza and fire were involved, and in the end we all made it out alive.

Here are some photos from the trip.

Here John and Jesse hang out in the snow cat after we hiked to a place we weren't supposed to be.

This is the best way to start a day on the slopes, I think.

And this is the best way to end one.
And then we lit a fire. This is only the beginning...

This is the view from the top of Vail. Not too shabby

Aussie red-head Dale and I get Rad with our Giro gear.Not a lot of snow out there.

I went for a bike ride the other day in Evanston, I think I should have been rolling the CX bike.
Now that the interweb is up and running in my apartment, I will attempt to keep up with the blogging. The Puppy Eva is doing well, and basically runs around the house following me everywhere, peeing on everything.

I am an excellent clean up technician.



Helge said...

Watch out on some of those Evanston side streets. Some of the neighborhoods don't legally allow bikes on the road and they will ticket you. More so in Highland Park. Just an FYI.

Barry said...

That sounds like a challenge to me!

PONY SHOP said...

Seriously Evanston? You living up here now? I own one of the local shops, email me if you want to hit up one of the groups this weekend for a spin!

Goosecheck said...

Hey Barry, glad you came on the Mancation:)