Monday, August 17, 2009


Woke up to the sound of my phone at 2:30 am telling me my flight out was delayed. That means missing all my connections and instead of making it home by lunch time, wondering if I will make it home at all today. Sometimes travel is easy, but never when you want it to be. I slept on the floor at the Albany airport for a while, had a few cups of joe and now sit in contemplation with my fellow stranded bike racers. Everyone has a place to go, a place to be, but right now we are stuck in the transition state, just waiting. Dustys computer has a program on it that runs Global weather prediction models and SETI searches while he is not using it. To bad there is nothing for all these idle minds and bodies to do while we wait. We might get a lot accomplished. Instead we just sit here on our computers, plugged into the world wide nothingness, thinking and dreaming and wondering, but not full of wonder. Time for another cup of coffee, another slow stroll though the airport looking at the same glazed over faces and peering into the invisible travel bubbles people wrap around themselves escape from reality. This is humanity at its most naked, if onlywe take the time to look.

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Anonymous said...

Cousins Carol and Mark live near Albany at 518-439-6629 or 518-275-7497 and also Karen and Rob are at 518-864-5099 - in case you are stuck there for a long enough time that you'd want to get out into the countryside. There is a tropical storm going over southern Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi - at least you're not there.