Friday, April 17, 2009


We are hanging out here in Lockburg Germany, amongst damp dark black forest people and surrounded by some of the best riding imaginable. Yesterday we left the hotel, crossed the road and entered into an infinite maze of fire roads and single track, all signed and arrowed pointing the way through the wilderness. We set our sights on following the red route, which was marked with red trangle at all intersections and promissed food in 35km in Mummelsbach, but failed to mention we would be climbing 3000m over and over to reach that point. After 3 hours of riding through snow patches, muddy, rocky awesome single trail and rolling fireroad, we were chased off the mountain by rapidly approaching dark stormclouds. Rocketing down all that elevatiojn we had gained on a fire road was a bit dissapointing, until we blazed 12 km of river side single track back down into town for coffees and crepes. Dusty, being a mechanic and not prone to long pedaling stints, hightailed it back to home base, while Kris and I set off to conquer one more massive fire road ascent in hopes of spotting the parasiling launch point. Instead we discovered that the German loggers, much like their counterparts in the US and Canada, prefer Stihl chainsaws to Huskys. Apparently this has somthing to do with thier weight and ergonomics, but I stop paying attention to Kris after about 5 minutes of chainsaw tech talk so I cannot be fully sure. When we finally coasted back into town the rain drops had just begun falling, and now we are trapped indoors by the storm of the century. Luckily we bought a coffee maker yesterday at the Mini Mart so we can hole up for many days with out needing more supplies. Kris just set out on a 40 minute run, and despite his best efforts, I am still indoors drinking coffee. Dusty is feeling a bit under the weather after we beat him up so badly yesterday, and is still in bed. I hope I ride my bike today.


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