Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Africa and Hotels in Germany

Made it down to SA and then back to Germany in the last 5 days. We stayed in the Golden Horse Casino Hotel lldown there, and it was like being in Vegas and Churchill downs at the same time. They had a Casino in the Lobby and we ate breakfast out onj the patio overlooking the horse racing track. We even had armed guards at the front gate, but they never seemed to notice that we were there. The race was pretty cool, really fun, non technical single track with a fair amount of climbing and fun descending per lap, but as such, also not so much passing oppertunity. That combined with a 76th starting position had me rolling the whole race in the 67-76 rage, which is about where I ended up. Doh! Gotta go for broke in Offenburg in 2 weeks to try and get that coveted top 60 WC finish so I dont get gang raped by a bunch of Crazy Euros come Houffalize. Kris and I are hanging out at the Sheraton hotel in the Frankfurt airport now, watintg for Dusty to fly to Geniva, get our Kona van and then come back and pick us up. We have seen some bikes chained up down in the parking garage so we think there might be a way to leave the airport via bicycle, so that may be our next objective after we have a nap and some more food. Those Lufthanse flights are pretty crap compared to the South African Air flight we took down. Full of sweaty germans and pretty much 2 inches of room between the rows. Suffice to say, I didnt get a lot of sleep on the way back up here. I did also see a Spa down in the loby so I might try to wrangle up a massage here if things go right.

After that it is off to the black forest for a week and a half to prepare for the next WC.

Oh yeah, I went on a Safari in SA and saw Zebras, wildabeast, Giraffe, wart hogs, gecko, and rhinos. Pretty amazing and we almost g0ot charged by the buffalo but i talked it down.


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wheres the wildabeast picture!?