Wednesday, October 01, 2008

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Eric Stobin said...

just read the new column and i love it! thanks for the laughs and perspective. always great seeing you at Interbike and the Kona Kompound. I'm training now so i can race you down Crank It Up next year!

have a great day,
eric stobin

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Barry. This is informative, well written, and often funny. You work hard! And your a winner--a big winner, as it happens. Great to have you and Sarah in the neighborhood. Sock it to 'em!

Anonymous said...

Nice Barry-excellent prose. Apparently you haven't hit your head too many times. I look forward to more.
Michael E.

PEANUT said...

congrats on your writing gig! Too cool.

R. Zach Thomas said...

Thanks for stopping by and hangin' with my crew at Burlington, KY.

Too bad you didn't get a taste of my apple, it was a Honey Crisp and it was delicious.