Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WC Finals

I am in the Chicago airport right now waiting to board my plane to Munich. From there we will drive the three hours over into Schladming, Austria for the final race in the World Cup MTB series. The last month and a half have been fairly busy. After returning form the east coast I headed up to Oregon to visit my family, spent time in Santa Cruz and raced in the Single Speed world championships, resplendent in my golden speedo and cape. The it was off to the NMBS Finals in Brian Head, Utah, ending the domestic MTB season with an overall win in the short track series and a 3rd place in the XC series. After I get back form Austria on Monday the CX season begins in earnest, with the Starrcross and Rad Racing GP in Seattle, and then Crossvegas the following week. No rest for the weary I guess. It is going too be a nice week in between MTB and Cross this year. Crazy! Now it is time to go track down another snack before sitting on the plane for 9 hours. Check you later!



eric stobin said...


i will come out to the seattle cyclocross event to cheer you on.

i check out your blog every week or two and also keep up with your racing through the other sites. you are def. my favorite rider.

that was really fun schreddin' crnak it up together at whistler. i'm going to start training for the SS Worlds in Durango next year...saw some funny pictures of you from this year.

perhaps i'll see you at interbike? booth #4965.

all the best,

Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,

I saw you wearing a gold speedo the other day downtown Santa Cruz. I followed you to Jamba Juice and wonder if you usually wear that?


Nasty said...

they give you free jamba juice if you show up wearing the right skin to clothing ratio. it is a closley guarded secret though

CXRACER said...

did you see the 'pink lady' in teh Cruz? the umbrella and the spin, always makes me chuckle.

Nasty - just watching 'transition 2';......dude you are funny. Any new books of worth?

East Coast Feltslave (HUP United)